Malini has served as an ambassador for various initiatives. From 2015-2017, she worked with Sweden’s Global Challenges Foundation established by philanthropist, Lazlo Sombatvalvy, on global existential risks and served as an ambassador for the Foundations US $5 million dollar ‘New Shape’ Global Governance priz.

As ambassador, Malini travelled the world encouraging debate on global existential risks such as climate change, pandemics and nuclear catastrophe, as well as encouraging solutions through new forms of global governance. She has written on these issues – in particular on the role of parliaments and the courts – and is acknowledged as a thought leader, promoting debate and engagement in countries ranging from ChinaMexico and Sweden, to institutions from Oxford University to Science Po in France.

Malini presently serves as an ambassador to the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Foundation UK, promoting conflict prevention and resolution within communities, to help people build peaceful communities across the UK, based on the principles of Ubuntu.

Beating the norm

By Zhao Siyuan | | Updated: 2017-06-06 09:46

Few prizes can beat the Nobel for generosity.

The Global Challenges Prize, giving $5 million to its winner, is one of them.

The prize, given by the Global Challenges Foundation, is seeking creative solutions for global catastrophic risks, such as climate change, weapons of mass destruction and extreme poverty.