Having grown up bi-culturally between India and Britain, Malini is also fortunate to have lived, worked and studied across the globe. At various points in her life, she has called Delhi, Calcutta, Washington DC, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam home. But for the last two decades she has been largely based in London, which is home and where she lives with her husband and three kids.

Malini is passionate about London. She is fascinated by its history, its connectivity with the rest of the world, its people past and present, and its endless opportunities.

She is involved with her community, including through initiatives such as the London Parent Carer Forum that she founded.

London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC)

Since 2015, Malini has served as a Commissioner to the Mayor of London on sustainable development. As a member of the London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC), Malini provides independent advice to the Mayor on issues ranging from planning and land use, to green finance, climate change and the role of Sustainable Development Goals in guiding London’s strategic planning frameworks. Most recently, she is working on the potential of a Just Transition Commission at the LSCD to support London’s recovery and better understand the implications of decarbonisation on London’s diverse communities.

London Climate Action Week (LCAW)

Malini has been active with LCAW since its early formulation by founder, Nick Mabey. She has helped shape its programming and contributed to the development of its Whole of Society Mobilisation theme, engaging diverse sectors from law and faith, to schools, diaspora communities, arts, music and culture. She has organised a number of LCAW flagship events at Parliament, the Supreme Court, Southwark Cathedral, Tate Modern, English National Opera, among many other cultural events, including a climate comedy special and supporting the launch of Culture Declares at the Roundhouse in Camden.

At LCAW 2019, Malini initiated the London Climate Curriculum for students (11-14), in partnership with World’s Largest Lesson and the London Sustainable Schools Forum, using London as a classroom to teach climate risk and impacts in urban context. Updated every year, the LCC uses and acts as an amplifier for the rich climate educational content provided by London’s institutions, from universities to museums, to parks and community theatre.

At LCAW 2021, building on LCAW’s education and skills stream (which she co-chairs), Malini developed the Schools Climate Summit